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We’re moving online!

We are excited to announce the closing of Healthy Stuff Cafe.  We are grateful for the support that our customers have afforded us and thankful that we had the opportunity to serve you the great foods that we did.

Our baked goods have become our main focus and they can be had at the Downtown Roanoke market and also can be ordered on line.

Our forthcoming new website will make it convenient to order our products online.  We will have it up very soon.  For now you can call me at (770)262-7047, email me at for your baked goods and we will ship them to you with a two day delivery.  Thank you and my blessings are always with you.

Big Al, Healthy Stuff Cakery


Healthy Stuff Pledge

Healthy Stuff Cakery/Café uses all natural ingredients, no white sugar or chemicals only raw cane sugars and natural sweeteners, no imitation or artificials, to make the finest baking products available. We pride ourselves in offering the healthiest baked goods and food products, full of berries for antioxidants, navy beans for fiber and protein, flaxseed for fiber, nuts (no peanuts), fresh ground apples and more to please the discriminating healthy conscious customer. Thank you all for enjoying “Healthy Stuff”.

Al Hubbard
Owner, Baker, Chef


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